Nick’s instruments and gear used both in the studio and for live performances

Double necked Mason custom bass and 12 string guitar. Ash body, maple necks and rosewood fretboards. Pearl inlay.

Spector Coda 5 string bass guitar.

The cornerstone of my set up. The Roland V Bass unit and it’s counter parts.

Two of my favourite foot switches, they sound great on everything.

Spector Coda Euro 5 String bass.

Spector four string cherry ghost bass guitar. (My favourite instrument)

Standard 10 string Chapman stick.

Spector 4 string coda. This bass has an incredible sound.

The Chapman Stick having a check up.

Chapman Stick and organ.

Touring foot peddles and switches with Steve Hackett.

Rickenbacker bass and top hat. A deadly combination.


Nick uses equipment from the following companies